Food & Drink

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Octagon Centre

The Octagon Centre has its own bar which opens approximately an hour prior to public performances. Serving a wide section of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the bar is the perfect location for refreshments inside the venue.

Drama Studio

The Drama Studio has a refreshments counter that opens thirty minutes prior to the start of performances and during the interval. The bar does not serve alcoholic drinks during theatrical performances but the Drama Studio does operate a fully licensed bar for live music shows.

Firth Hall

Krebs at Firth Hall is a traditional and beautiful setting for coffee and tea, sandwiches and cakes whether that be morning, lunchtime or afternoon. During our evening concerts you can buy wine and other interval refreshments outside the main hall. Refreshments are available from Krebs Monday-Friday, 08.30 – 16.00.

Students’ Union

Our students’ union has been voted the best in the country, with a range of exciting food and drink options available including Interval Kitchen + Bar and Coffee Revolution. To find out more, visit the Student’s Union Website.